28 July 2016

Judge Dredd Letterpress Set by Jock ................From Vice Press................

Vice Press are producing numerous artworks on behalf of 2000 AD for their fans and this latest one by Jock caught my eye. It's all Dredd (or is it) and I think that they would look great in a frame together on the wall.

The info that they released was the following:-

50 random orders will each receive a free 6th mystery print by Jock!

Numbered edition of 160
Set of 5 8x8 Letterpress Prints

The Price was £60 plus p&p, which wasn't too bad.

If you want to buy a set, then head over to their website, which is HERE

My set was number 24 out of 160 and also 24 out of 50 with the mystery print.

I was impressed by the packaging, as there was no way that these should get damaged in the post but never say never with this country.

Don't forget, click on a picture to enlarge and begin a slideshow.

A postcard of one of their Carlos Ezquerra Posters was included.

I got one of the mystery prints.

I was going to put down where each picture came from but thought, why not let you do that, as Barney is always ready to be opened and perused.

All that is left for me to do now is catch Jock at the next con and get him to sign the lot before framing.

10 June 2016

Judge Dredd Mars Attacks - Trading Cards Kickstarter

On the 21st of May 2015 I became aware of a Kickstarter that was all about Mars Attacks but was also going to include a Judge Dredd crossover pack. Obviously I signed up straight away. Just a few days ago my package dropped through the letterbox.

Due to the way a kickstarter is done, numerous other cards were added to my reward but I'll only be showing the Dredd items.

By the way, here's a link to show the whole of this project and I must say, we were kept informed exceptionally well. Mars Attacks Kickstarter

And here are some of the images taken from that link.

The set comprised of an 18 card basic set with two chase cards thrown in from the many. These are 1 sketch card and 1 autograph card. The 18 cards comprise of 17 story cards and 1 checklist card. The actual story cards are taken from the following Dredd Vs Mars Attacks comics from IDW & 2000AD.

The first image is a One Shot comic that didn't have Dredd inside (this was a variant cover), which was the catalyst for the series in the end. Once we saw this cover by Greg, there was a outcry by fans of both genres to see this become a reality and IDW listened to the fans and so it happened. We saw a 4 part crossover written by Al Ewing with John McCrea on art duties. Greg Staples did the covers but there were variant covers, then again, when are there not with IDW.

Here are all the cards, front first followed by the reverse side. You will see the Greg Staples covers and the John McCrea artwork, which is taken from the strip itself. Don't forget to click on the image to open up a slideshow and you can read how the story unfolded in the comics as well,

My autograph card is by Al Ewing

The sketch card is by Jason Crosby

If you didn't grab this from the kickstarter, then you will only be able to grab it off Ebay now and risk the possibility of paying over the odds.